2010 Awards Celebration Award Recipients and Photos

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2010 Award Recipients

John Walsh accepting the Outstanding Sustained Contribution Award

John Walsh

Outstanding Sustained Contribution Award

John F. Walsh
Hill & Robbins, P.C.  

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Law Firm Of The Year Award

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Homeless ID Task Force Steering Committee

Homeless ID Task Force Steering Committee

Task Force Of The Year Award

ID Task Force Steering Committee

Alex Halpern and Kathy Gebhardt

Alex Halpern and Kathy Gebhardt

Community Contribution Award

Kathleen J. Gebhardt, Kathleen J. Gebhardt, L.L.C.
Alexander Halpern, Alexander Halpern LLC

Special Recognition Award

Craig E. Stewart
Holland & Hart LLP


2010 Annual Awards Celebration Video

The 2010 Annual Lunch Trailer


 2010 Annual Awards Celebration Photos

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Executive Director Connie Talmage

Marybell Trujillo, Joseph Salas and Dave Calvert

Marie Moses and Jerremy Ramp

Greg Kanan and Frank Lopez

Thomas Russell, Jon Asher and Manuel Ramos

Debora Wagner, Linda Olson and Jeremy Ramp

Yoni Hagos, Jennifer DiLalla and Ryan Scoville

Suzanne Ferguson and Andy Creighton

Natalie Sullivan, Alison Daniels and Dan Taubman

Marie Williams, Candace Whitaker and Debora Wagner

Renny Fagan and Richard Westfall

Kelly March, Michelle Berge and Katie Roush

Jennifer Levin, Angie Garberding and Mark Ivandick

Iris Eytan and Mari Newman

Heather Mitchell and Christine Searls

Greg Kanan and Cathy Lemon

Dominic Hithon and Bud Swartz

David Getches, Bob Hill and Laura Hill

Dan Friesen and Gale Miller

Craig Joyce and Bill Walters

John Walsh, Outstanding Sustained Contribution Award Recipient

Bob Hill and John Walsh

Keynote Speaker Harry MacLean

John Walsh accepts the Outstanding Sustained Contribution Award

John Walsh recieves a standing ovation

Bob Hill

Morrison Foerster, Law Firm of the Year

Homeless ID Task Force, 2009 Task Force of the Year

Alex Halpern and Kathy Gebhardt, Recipients of the Community Contribution Award

Reilly Pozner LLP: Ken Nakamura, Clare Pennington, Michelle Berge, Tony Giacomini, Molly Ferrer, Lindsay Unruh, Jane Cohen, Kelly March and Katie Roush

Kathleen Gebhardt and Alexander Halpern

Mari Newman and Tracy Ashmore

Kenzo Kawanabe and Justice Ben Coats

Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.

Dick Mandelson and Harry MacLean

Ryan Lessmann and Justice Mike Bender

Scott Martinez, Angela Reyes and Scott McCombs

Steve Wright and Blain Myhre

Connie Talmage and Mary Ricketson

Tucker Trautman and Jim Kilroy

Andy Keiser, Sharon Prueitt, Gerry Rasel and Mark Turner

Shel E. Friedman, Bob Wiess, and Mike Cheroutes

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey and Carolyn Daniels

Craig Lopez, Alli Gerkman, and James Garts

Jeannie Nims, Suzanne Ferguson, Sharon Prueitt, and Sharon Knight

Greg Berger and Lauren Schmidt

Margy Wilson and Ty Lufman

Kathleen Nalty, Meg Satrom, Dean Heizer and Cindy Coleman

Colorado Court of Appeals Judges Dan Taubman and Russ Carparelli

Maureen Sullivan, Gabe Dusenbury, Ben Schler, Linda Futrell, Catharyn Baird, Connie Talmage, Judy Pierson, Jessica Ross, and Carey Davis