Focus on High Impact

One of the unique characteristics of the Colorado Lawyers Committee is its focus on systemic change. We generally do not represent individuals, unless their issues impact a large number of people. Most of our work addresses significant problems in the areas of Poverty & Public Benefits, Civil Rights & Criminal Law, Children’s Rights & Education, Community Development, and Immigration. For example, volunteers have challenged Colorado’s system for funding K-12 education. Another group of pro bono lawyers filed a lawsuit to assure that individuals awaiting mental health evaluations or treatment do not languish in jail, often for longer than the sentences they might have received. Other volunteers negotiated with the State and with counties to assure they are processing food stamps and other benefits within the deadlines required by federal law, while others sued to obtain a court order requiring the State to reinstate benefits for mothers and grandmothers caring for young children. This focus on systemic change allows the Colorado Lawyers Committee to have a greater impact on improving conditions for children and the underprivileged. For more information about the Lawyers Committee and the types of projects our volunteers take on, please take a look at our Annual Reports.