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The Nonprofit Working Group was originally formed in 2002 to provide pro bono representation to community and other business organizations. In 2009, the Task Force partnered with the Colorado Nonprofit Association and other organizations to provide direct representation to nonprofits in Colorado. While the Task Force initially assisted only nonprofit organizations that serve children or the indigent, in 2010, it broadened the scope of its work to include all nonprofits whose operating budgets do not permit them to retain legal counsel. In 2013, in addition to this on-going work, the Task Force agreed to work with the Colorado Bar Association to provide expedited assistance to nonprofits adversely impacted by the floods. Last year, attorneys provided transactional-type legal assistance to over 70 nonprofits. Since the matching program began, more than 300 nonprofits have been served.

Chris Lane (Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP) is the Chair of the Nonprofit Working Group. Attorneys can sign-up through the form below to assist small nonprofits with transactional-type issues.

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If you are a small nonprofit seeking transactional legal assistance, please fill out a form here to determine eligibility and request help.