Project Homeless Connect — Introductory and Training Videos

Thank you for your interest in Project Homeless Connect.  Below are two videos that will give you a feel for the event, the Legal Resource Area, and your role as a volunteer.


Introduction to Project Homeless Connect (2013) from Denver Human Services on YouTube.


The following rough video includes excerpts from a Legal Training held on May 5, 2008.  Please ignore the references in the video to the details of the event (time of volunteer shifts, location, color of t-shirts, etc.) since these change each time.  The video is rather long (almost 1 1/2 hours).  If you want to view only certain segments, here is a breakdown on the approximate start time of each section:

          00:29 Welcome and Introduction, Connie Talmage (Colorado Lawyers Committee)
          02:36 Volunteer Instructions and Legal Resource Binder, Tim Macdonald (Arnold & Porter LLP)
          15:21 Dress Code Discussion
          16:03 Resources at Colorado Legal Services, Linda Olson (Colorado Legal Services)
          28:51 The Homeless Court,  Alice Norman (Denver Municipal Indigent Defense Counsel)
          54:36 Malpractice Insurance Coverage
          56:15 Homeless Court (cont.)
       1:00:15 Criminal Issues of the Homeless,  Frank Moya (Denver Municipal Indigent Defense Counsel)
       1:15:21 More Logistics and Questions,  Peter Schwartz (Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP)

Project Homeless Connect: CLE Training Session (2008).